How to Choose the Best Timber Flooring for Your House

Timber flooring

It is a relatively tricky task to choose the best timber flooring for your house. The market has a broad range of flooring materials such as ceramic, timber and hardwood just to name a few. Each of these materials has their advantages and disadvantages, and you need to put several factors into consideration before you choose the best timber flooring, parquetry & oak floors supplier company in Melbourne.

Select the Right Grade of Timber

It’s advisable to choose standard grade timber if you want your floors to have a natural appearance. Additionally, timber grade that has a smooth feel also has some considerable level of appeal. You can also give your floor a stylish and creative look by choosing character grade timber. Some people also install oak flooring in Melbourne. All you need to do is identify a supplier who will deliver the best grade of timber.

Look at the Technical Provisions

Never choose any timber for flooring if you are not aware of its technical properties. The supplier can provide details on the hardness and durability of the material. It will assist you to determine whether the floor you choose can withstand humidity related damages and bacteria attacks. You need a floor that will last for a long period.

Go for an attractive Finish

The market has a broad range of floor finishes to give your timber a greater dash of panache and sophistication. Semi-gloss and gloss finishes usually appear easy to the eyes. Another popular option for homeowners in Melbourne is finishing the timber floor with Satin.

Choose the Color of your Flour

The floor color you choose should match with the overall appearance of the other rooms. Timber floors typically come in three main color themes which include cream, red and brown. Get the one that is most appealing to your aesthetic senses like most people like parquetry in Melbourne.

Determine the Amount of Timber You Require

You must cut and modify the timber you choose in a proper manner for them to fit on your floor well. You cannot avoid wasting some material while cutting the timber. Find out the exact amount of timber your floor requires and give some allowance for waste materials.

Choose the Ideal Size of Board

There are several sizes of boards that are available for timber floors in Melbourne. These boards are classified according to their structural features such as thickness and width. You need to get one that will suit your requirements and preferences the best. You can always get some professional assistance from the Storey floor contractor if you are not sure of what you should buy.

Use Mats and Rugs

Place protective covers like soft rugs on your newly installed timber floor to prevent it from getting scratches. Don’t bring heavy furniture items to the house shortly after applying varnish on your timber. Make sure you also have proper drapes and curtains to avoid exposing the timber floor to direct sunlight.

Finally, make sure you take adequate measures that will keep your timber floor clean every moment. Avoid the use of harsh chemical cleaning agents because they can damage the floor. You can also prevent the costs from spiraling upwards by having the right budget in mind. Make sure you contact the to provide you a permanent solution to your floor.