Top Benefits of ISO Tank Containers

ISO tanks are produced under the highest standards in the industry. In full, ISO stands for International organizational standards. This organization operates from GENEVA, Switzerland and sets quality standards of industries in more than 160 nations across the world. Using this standard is not a must, but it is voluntary for the best organizations that would like to set high standards of customer service in their particular industries. Many of these tanks including vacuum tanks are manufactured from stainless steel which possesses high resistance to corrosion and can withstand extreme forces compared to flexi bags and drums.

All these valves are approved and inspected by appropriate authorities and possessing three closures is mandatory for all ISO Tanks Tankformator containers. Having these closures means that failure has to take place on all the three containers before leakage of the tank. In the world today, many people prefer using ISO tanks to transport bulky liquids due to the benefits that they bring.

When it comes to space economy, you can stack these tanks like regular dry box containers offering an economic allocation of space on vessels.

On the front of efficiency, ISO tanks allow large capacity and repetitive haulage without
requiring auxiliary parking materials. An ISO tank that is twenty feet long can carry seventy percent more cargo than the regular twenty feet box container. They have a service of a pre-installed steam coil for allowing for discharge/loading liquids that are temperature sensitive.

When it comes to flexibility, these tanks enable intermodal logistics between different
transportation modes like rails, trucks, and sea vessels. It gives great flexibility in terms of planning, carbon foot prints, and cost reduction.

They are also friendly to the environment because reports about leakage of these tanks are rarely reported. The spillage risk during transportation or discharge is entirely reduced as compared to flexi bags and drums. This tank can carry a lot of volume in one container, and transport can be done on diverse modes be it rail, road, or water. Additionally, the versatility it possesses in carrying various cargo removes the need of repositioning when emptying. It also possesses a long life span of about thirty-five years while other containers like flexi bags have a shorter span.

Tanks safety

You only need a maximum of ninety minutes to load the ISO tank – Tankformator.  The tank is always sturdy because it is made from steel measuring 4.5mm. Additionally, pressure load tests are done every time the container is unloaded. These tanks also reduce the contamination likelihood because they are cleaned in distinct washing bays that are exclusive for cleaning and washing ISO tanks. For more details, please visit our website.

The roof hatch allows the technician to get into the container to perform an inspection of the container. There is an ISO a temperature gauge that is crucial for monitoring the internal
temperature of the tank. When you want to access the tank top, you can use the outside walkway to gain easy access. The ladder also provides safe and easy access to the walkway and roof of the tank. There are also safety valves that are crucial for releasing vacuum pressure or excess pressure buildup.