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Borneo island is both a local and tourist attraction holiday destination. Please click here for more information. Borneo Island is Located southeast of Asia Malay’s archipelago. It is the third largest island in the world, divided between Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Famed for its beaches rugged rocks, home to diverse wildlife including the orangutan and the clouded leopards.


It is among the thirteen states that make up Malaysia. Sabah is the second largest state in Malaysia sharing the Borneo island with Sarawak, Brunei, and the Indonesian Kalimantan. Sabah is also known for its natures diversity, rich cultures, fun adventures, beautiful beaches and delicious cuisines.

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People and culture.

Inhabitants from Sabah are known as the Sabahan. Sabah is the highest populated state in Malaysia, having the highest population growth rate in the country. There exist, 32 recognized ethnic groups with the largest indigenous being the Kadazan-Dusun people and the largest nonindigenous ethnic group area being the Chinese. Tourist visiting don’t forget to mention the warm hospitality nature of the Sabahan people. Sabah vacation sites include

trekking & climbing mount Kota Kinabalu

Mount Kota Kinabalu

One of the highest mountain in south east Asia is 4095m tall. It is a tourist attraction as more than 20,000 people climb the mountain every year. It is famed for its granite that sits at the mountain peak and also harbors the world’s top site dive, Sipadan island. The terrain stretches upward from low land rainforest upward to crown of bare granite. An average climber would take two days to reach the mountain peak. climbers have a choice to pick from the two climbing trails, the summit, and the Mesilau trail. The summit trail starts from the Timpohon gate 1800m located near Kinabalu park headquarters before reaching Manalapan the climb which takes approximately six to eight hours. Fit climbers prefer to take a more adventurous trail, the Mesilau because of its steep slippery nature in the wet seasons. It starts at the Mesilau national resort 15 kilometers from the Kinabalu Park headquarters

Kinabalu Park

The park lies on the rainforest-clad island of Borneo, Malaysian’s first world heritage site as declared by UNESCO. Kinabalu Park was established in 1964 to protect its plant and wildlife. From Kinabalu Park, Mount Kota Kinabalu provides a clear scenic view. The park covers 754 square kilometers has four climate zones, one of the best researchers collection spot for flora and fauna.

Orangutans living in the wild and Borneo

Orangutan rehabilitation center

Sepilok orangutan rehabilitation center is located 25 kilometers west of Sandakan in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. the center attracts tourist and researchers alike giving them an opportunity to watch orangutan in their natural habitat. In this center, orangutans are brought in from various life situations from rescues to hostile environments. They are then cared for especially when rescued as babies and afterward released to the wild but within the center. For more details, please visit our website.

Researchers provide their expertise to the management of the park explaining how best they can do to protect the orangutans from extinction.they also study the orangutan’s behavior and check for any signs of illness which the heal before it is late. For tourists, being up close with orangutans is an experience they never seem to forget.